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Building Online Affiliate Partnerships!

Affiliate Recruiter is helping merchants (people who sell products online) get together with affiliates (website owners who wish to make income from their website traffic).

We help build online partnerships with small individual website that typically have a site that would lend it's self well to the promotion of some or all of the merchants products they sell. Affiliates display a banner or link promoting the product or service and every time they send the merchant a customer who buys something they are paid a commission for each sale and all this is tracked in real time via a trusted 3rd party affiliate network.

Affiliate Recruiter is proud to be exclusively working for Paid On Results, a UK based Affiliate Network who have affiliates world wide.

Keypoints to consider:

  • It's free to join Paid On Results.
  • You a free to pick what merchants and when you promote them on your site.
  • All sales and leads are tracked via a trusted 3rd party Paid On Results, so you are paid for each sale.
  • Online stats are available so you can keep track of your promotions.

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